Our Fundraising

Outdoor All-Weather Area

Tesco blue tokens - cardiff scout patio

We’re fundraising to adapt our Hall so it’s accessible to all. As part of our Hall Fundraising,  we need £5,000 to create a safe outdoor, all weather area. This will allow our community groups to enjoy the full use of the outside hall facilities maximising outdoor play time for all groups.

– We have been successful in getting Tesco Bags for Life Grant Scheme with the customer vote in store during May & June 2018. This involves the blue tokens in store.  The winner gets £4,000 – 2nd place £2,000 and 3rd place £1,000.

– Have also applied for £1,000 from Permission community grants and will continue to apply monthly until we hopefully get successful.

We were successful in coming 2nd in Tesco Bags for Life Grant Scheme  and received £2,000 with further fundraising and match funding which we managed to receive in December 2018 work commenced on our new much needed flat all weather outdoor area.


are you a tesco shopper? help us Tesco blue tokens - cardiff scout patio

Disabled Toilet and Wetroom, Unisex Toilets

Hall Fundraising for new toilets

22nd Cardiff Scouts also estimates that we need  £10,000- £20,000 in Hall Fundraising to make the toilets fit for purpose.  We need to convert the current toilets into a disabled toilet / wet room and unisex toilets.  This is the first part of a staged bigger plan.  Our overall plan involves moving the kitchen and office spaces around to allow facilities to be fit for purpose for all of our hall users.

So far we have

– £1,000 in match funding towards this project.

-We have received £2,000 from the Cardiff YMCA 1910 Trust towards the project.

YMCA Trust 1910

– Successfully the group have secured a YMCA clothing bank outside of our hall in order to raise money through clothing recycling.

– The Executive are trying to secure extra regular hall hires so that the extra revenue can be used towards this project – this should generate an extra £1,000 a year towards the project.

– Further grant applications have also been submitted.

Our main job is to support the 130 Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers who use our hall on a weekly basis to gain high quality scouting life skills.   All of the above support to hall improvement is vital and necessary for this purpose.

All fundraising is carried about by parents and supporters of the group, so that all the voluntary leaders and helpers can continue to support the sections in order to ensure they continue to flourish and provide a varied engaging programme for all of our young people.

Who will benefit?

Our Scout Hall is  home for our Scout group but it is also a community hub for local clubs in the Cardiff as set out here. We also offer affordable overnight stays for Scout Network members – all of which helps to pay for the hall’s running costs.

How do we raise funds?

We are a self funded charity.  Costs are kept low so we can be inclusive for everyone in our local community. Gift Aid, hall hires and donations are an important part of keeping us running.